CAS NO.:72957-37-0
Product Name:H-Gly-His-Lys-OH
Synonyms:H-Gly-His-Lys-OH;Gly-His-Lys acetate salt;Gly-His-Lys-OH·AcOH;Liver Cell Growth Factor;GHK;Oligopeptide-1
Molecular Formula:C16H28N6O6
Molecular Weight:400.430123329163

Tripeptide-1 possesses a high affinity for copper(II) ions, with which it spontaneously forms a complex (GHK-Cu). This growth-modulating plasma tripeptide, when added at nanomolar concentrations to a wide group of cultured systems, produces a disparate set of responses ranging from the stimulation of growth and differentiation to outright toxicity. It may function by facilitating copper uptake into cells. GHK-Cu accelerates wound healing.

Product Parameter:
  • • INCI name:Tripeptide-1
  • • Traits:White powder
  • • PH:No
  • • Purity:98%
  • • Storage conditions:Cool and dry place at 2-8℃, protected from light, keep package airproofed when not in use. Please store -20℃ to -15℃ for long term storage.
  • • Safety:No heavy metals, no skin and eye irritation
  • • Package specification:1g/bottle
Efficacy and application:
Tripeptide-1 Increases skin firmness, Improves tissue renewal & healing
Face, neck and hand care products Can be added to skin care products, such as lotions, facial masks, creams, eye essences, etc.
Technical Support:Kuujiasoft